Mannion Lochrin and Company Ltd is a business advisory and consultancy practice for the Connemara region. Our focus is to assist clients in the following areas:

• Maximise their business potential
• Plan for a stable and comfortable financial future
• Minimising the tax burden whilst in compliance with the tax laws

We will bring the advice and expertise of our joint years experience in the financial world together with the backing of the largest and most prestigious accountancy body in the country to assist our clients in meeting their own personal and business goals. Our aim is to ensure our clients feel their best interests are being looked after and that they can sleep at night knowing their tax affairs are in order and their financial future is as secure as possible. We are also professional advisors to many community and voluntary groups in the greater Connemara area and have a wealth of experience in serving this sector.

We will do this at a cost which reflects the complexity of the work involved and is appropriate to our client’s business and their needs.